Thursday, December 16, 2010

Skeptical To Give To The Homeless?

Sometimes I'm skeptical...

I think it's because sometime I'm thinking what if they are addicts and they just want money for drugs or alcohol....but you know's not my place to judge these people. My job is to bless those less fortunate whenever I can. What they do after I give them the money is not on's not any of my concern. Now if there is a homeless person who openly and honestly admits that he will use the money to purchase drugs or alcohol then of course I'm not giving it to them...but if I don't know that's what it's going to be used for then it's not right for me to assume that all homeless people are addicts of some sort.

Yesterday I gave a homeless guy in my neighborhood a dollar and he used it to purchase a subway sandwich. He was a nice gentleman, and I've seen him a couple of times in the area. Always has a smile on his face. Today I'm on the train and this guy gets on and he's giving his story...I don't really make eye contact with him. The whole time I'm listening to him (he just happened to be standing right next to me) but I'm looking out the window. But I'm feeling an urge to give to him. So I give him $20. This is the most I've ever given to a homeless person, but I was like you know what...why not?

I called The Food Bank of NYC yesterday to find out if I can volunteer in their food pantry or soup kitchen on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day. This will be my first time doing something like this so I'm extremely excited. I hope that they will allow me to...if not those days then of course I'll choose another day. The reason I chose The Food Bank is because the whole time I was unemployed I kept seeing them on TV. A lot of the reality type shows that I watched at the time were going to The Food Bank in their city and volunteering and I was like, I want to do that! So why not make that into a reality and the perfect time would be for Christmas!

I always tell God in my prayers everyday....Lord thank you for blessing me so that I may be a blessing to others! I know that my blessings are forever coming to me simply because I care enough to help those less fortunate than I and to give without expecting anything back from that person in return. This is just the beginning of what I plan to do to give back to my community. I honestly feel that I am put on this earth to do great things and to give back in more ways I ever thought possible. I am here to serve a purpose greater than myself! 


Just thinking about all the ways that I intend to help and give back gets me very emotional and filled with joy and love!

SO if you feel it in your heart....GIVE!!! and keep giving because what you give you receive many times over!

Stay Blessed!

Happy Holidays!!!


  1. unconditional giving...that is what it is about...I work in mental health and find needs almost every day and try to contribute in any way I isn't just seasonal because needs don't stop after the holidays...

    thanks for such an inspiring post!

  2. You are definitely right about's not seasonal!!! Thanks for reading and responding!! God Bless!