Saturday, August 8, 2009

Emotional Journey

Hello My People

I've been on an emotional journey these past few weeks. BOY one minute I'm HIGH & UNSTOPPABLE mltan100.blogspot.comthen the next minute I'm thinking to myself "WHAT THE HELL AM I DOING?"

I've noticed that when things are going downhill in my personal life it affects my professional life as well. When I'm feeling down & out about some unforeseen circumstances, I find myself lacking the motivation needed to keep up with my acting. It's kind of hard to separate the two. (I do know I desperately need to go back to work full-time so i may not be doing that much acting related things for a few months)

I'm always the one encouraging others to continue to FIGHT THE FIGHT! DON'T GIVE UP! IT WILL ALL GET BETTER SOON!

But when I am in their shoes...I don't practice what I preach all the time and I let my circumstances get the best of me.

If you find yourself going on an Emotional Journey....take a moment to's okay. Cry if you need to....Scream if you need to...Eat a pint of ice cream with a lot of chocolate syrup on it if you need to....that's what I like to do!

Do whatever you need to do to get back in the game!

For me...I need peace....I need the time to shift my focus and give myself a Pep Talk...after a few days...I'm ready! PUT ME IN THE GAME COACH! biggrin


It's okay to take a break...but don't give up!

No One Ever Said It Was Going To Be Easy!!

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