Monday, August 17, 2009


Hi My Creative People!!

Just wanted to share something that was delivered in my inbox today from Wes Hopper


Stay Blessed!!

"There is no security on this earth;
there is only opportunity."
Gen Douglas MacArthur

A lot of people who had their security based
on their job, home or retirement plan have
had a rude awakening. They had based
their security on an illusion.

Our security lies in one, and only one, thing:
our ability to respond to opportunity.

In every situation at every time in history
there has been opportunity, and people
have prospered. In the Depression years
while some people were jumping out of
windows, IBM was doubling its revenue
year after year.

How did IBM do it? One reason was that
Thomas Watson and his philosophical
partner Charles Russell were students of
Science of Getting Rich.

Where others saw depression, they saw
opportunity, and acted on it.

This principle is taught in many spiritual
traditions, too. Jesus taught it in the parable
of the talents
(a large amount of money) in
which the guy who took security over
opportunity by burying the money got

Psychologists tell us that our mind is very
much our servant. If we don't believe there's
opportunity, we literally CAN NOT SEE it,
even if it's right in front of us. We are
self hypnotized into lack and limitation.

Right now there are opportunities all
around you. You can choose to see them
or not. I strongly suggest that you open
your mind and consciously look for them
everywhere. If you expect to find them,
you will.

It'll seem like a miracle!


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