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Feedback: How To Make The Most Of Your Time

Hi my creative people!

So Monday afternoon I went to the free seminar How To Make The Most Of Your Time with Monroe Mann.

Just a side note: When I go to these seminars I like to listen to all the information offered, take notes, and then dissect it when I get home; keeping what will work for me and tossing the rest!

So I am going to share with you what I took from the seminar and hope it will help you in your life and career!

Monroe pointed out that we don't have to just focus on ONE thing in order to be successful. Here is his philosophy: "Doing one thing at a time is a recipe for a life that won't keep up with your dreams"
He suggests "in order to get more done in less time and with better results is to stop thinking linearly and start thinking spacially and synergistically."

This is an excerpt from a handout that he gave us at the seminar that is based on his upcoming book Time Zen: "I know we've all heard that it's better to do one thing at a time and put all your energy into that one thing until completion, and then move onto the next thing....but that just won't work if you have great ambition and want to live a greater than average life. ...I am writing this book while I am also writing three others, while in law school, while shooting two films, while running my businesses and while rehearsing my songs to perform at Pete's Candy Store in Brooklyn. ...I know that studies have concluded that multitasking actually reduces the amount of brain power we are using, citing examples that today's youth know all about multitasking and processing but little about focusing and analysis. There may be a lot of truth to that analysis but it leaves out an important point: multitasking and processing by itself may be of little use, but when you combine those qualities with focus and analysis, it's quite amazing what one can accomplish."

Monroe describes himself not as a Jack of all Trades but as A Master Of Many! He proclaims that one can be great at doing more than one thing. I believe that is true as well!

If you are an actor and musician you don't just have to focus on one or the other. Do both but do it synergistically so that when one aspect of your career is flourishing they are both flourishing. So at one given time, you have something prospering.

I liked a point that Monroe made about Strives and Goals. "DO NOT DATE STAMP YOUR GOALS! That leads to suicide!"

For example: Your goal is to be Director of Sales. Do not say "I want to be Director of Sales by Sept. 6th 2009." Instead say, "I am going to be Director of Sales in 4 weeks." Say that to yourself everyday UNTIL you become Director of your 4 weeks may turn into 6 months but you are STILL STRIVING for that goal.

If you put a date on your goal and say you don't achieve the goal by Sept 6th then you may feel defeated and get depressed...we've all been there. If you actually succeed before Sept 6th in reaching your goal you may get too cocky and not try as hard the next giving yourself a TIME FRAME instead of a specific date keeps you STRIVING for the goals.

Monroe suggested creating STRIVES that are 10 times bigger than what your actually goal is. In my opinion that is great because if you are striving for something that's way bigger than what your actual goal is then you are bound to reach your goal. In order to reach the BIG goal you have to accomplish the BABY goal. No one walks before they crawl.

For example: If your goal is to be in a Broadway way show in 6 months then you should STRIVE to win a Tony Award in 3 months. It may sound ridiculous and unachievable but let me tell can't win a Tony without being in the Broadway if you are STRIVING to win that Tony then you are going to do all that's necessary to get there...and eventually your goal of being in a Broadway show will be accomplished.

You can wake up every morning and tell yourself: I'm going to win a Tony Award in 3 months. Say this until it becomes your reality. I don't care if it takes you 5 years to get there you will get there and one day you will get that Tony Award in 3 months. Does that make sense to you?

Monroe said that for the past 7 years one of his strives has been: "I'm going to win an Oscar in 3 years." I believe one day he's going to wake up and say, in 3 years I'm going to win an Oscar and you know what, in 3 years from that date he's going to win an Oscar...when it's his time to!

He suggests 3 steps:
  1. Establish a 10 year plan
  2. Create strives for you clearly defined goals
  3. Create a To Do list

Break down your 10 year plan into 5yr, 3yr, 1yr, 6mo, 1month

Make a To Do List of the necessary steps you need to take to reach your 10 year plan (I will talk about this in more details in another post)

You will need a Daily To Do List to accomplish your 1 month goals this will also help you stay on track.

Now you may have 30 things you plan to get accomplished in 1 month....if you can get 75% of those accomplished within that month KUDOS FOR YOU move what you haven't got done over to the goal list for the next month.

Don't beat yourself up for not getting 100% done....just keep striving daily to reach your 10 year plan and you will accomplish all your goals!

Now this is an idea that I learned from a different source about defining your goals.

You must be specific as possible with out locking down on a specific date (unless it is a deadline for a project that you need to have finished by). Write you goals from an "AS IF" standpoint not as a "want". Saying I want means you are speaking from a "Lack Of" standpoint. (this also ties into Gratitude in Advance, being grateful for things you have yet to receive)

For example: I want to make a living as an Actress however I won't just say that my goal is to be a working actor, I'm reaching too low...REACH FOR THE STARS AND YOU MAY LAND ON THE MOON!

Instead my goal is clearly defined in an AS IF standpoint: I currently get paid $20 million per film and $1 million per episode. (there are actors doing this, why can't it be you?)

Read your goals EVERY SINGLE DAY! Speak it into existence....Expect it to happen!! Live a life of Expectation!

When you order stuff online you expect it to be delivered to your house right? Well this is your order, expect it to be delivered to you....just know....NOTHING IS ON YOUR don't get discouraged keep pressing on and know that it's coming.

I hope this little insight has been helpful to someone...look for my post about your 10 year's coming soon!


***If you want to learn more about Monroe Mann please visit his sites:

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