Monday, August 24, 2009

How To Choose Clips For Your Demo Reel

More Tips From Gwyn Gilliss: How to Choose clips for your Demo Reel

If you've got good quality clips from films, series and commericals
you'll want to put them on a reel as soon as possible. Make a
SIZZLE reel is just a compilation of all your clips from the good work you have done in a short form, 1-2 minutes. Your SIZZLE or DEMO reel is your most important marketing tool so don't hesitate to get something DONE that you can show to the industry.
This is like putting together a
jigsaw puzzle with a whole slew of variable pieces. See the work as an challenge but also FUN.

Most actors delay in putting together a reel out of sheer anxiety.
"What to use? What not to use? In what order? Music or no music?
Titles ? How long? A montage or not? Which scenes are the most
important? Should I use something from 5 years agao ? (NO).
Should I add the rolling credits showing my name from a Soap or the theme music from a series? (NO)...This is never going
to get done!!!! Help!"

First of all, don't panic. Here are some guidelines that might help
you get out of the panic stage and into the active- "This is going to
work" stage.

Select your best work in short scenes less that 1 minute-
10 seconds, 7 seconds, 30 seconds, Prioritize the best down to
the worse.

Choose those clips where you look the best. Pure and simple,
most casting for the camera (TV, Film, Commercials) requires attractive or clearly defined character types. If you are pretty or gorgeous flaunt it!

Find humor, cleverness, witty one liners and "moments" that
are FUNNY and FUN to watch. If you are amused, chances are so will everyone else be.

Find variation with your scene partner. if you have an excellent dramatic scene (even 20-30 seconds) with a guy, choose one that's comedic with a woman or a child or alone.

Check to see if any of the scenes NEEDS music. Did the director play something so loud we can't hear you or did he neglect to add any music at all? Are you at a classical concert, in your car listening to Country Western on the radio or in a bar where pop or rock music should be heard? Make a note of what you think each scene should SOUND like- the editor can find something appropriate if you have some ideas.

Check to see if you have covered EACH GENRE- Primetime Drama, Romantic comedy, Action-adventure, Sitcom. If not, consider shooting a short scene or two to fill in the gap. Check out (a SIZZLE scene) !

Then narrow down the choices by the above criteria. Make a chart with each category. Take the chart and the clips (on DVD or mini-DV) to an experienced editor who has edited Primetime and feature films NOT indie or student films. You need to work with a pro who knows the style of the industry in which you want to work.

Almost done. You want to start your sizzle (demo reel) with a bang. NO! NOT A GUN SHOT!! Something amusing, funny, sexy, hot, adorable and compelling. Choose the best one liner, then add the clip where you look gorgeous, then the one with a male partner then one with a female partner back to the amusing or sexy clip, on to the one where you are showing a different genre-romantic to action to sitcom to drama back to your best moment...and on and on. A good editor will be able to put this together in a few hours with the pre-edit you just did!

Length? A final sizzle should be about 1-2 minutes, fast-paced and FULL of delicious little "jewels"- moments that are wonderful to watch again and again. It's actually a mini-trailer of YOU! And THAT is how you get major jobs, TOP Agents and everyone in the industry to adore you- by ENTERTAINING THEM! Happy editing!



Hope This Info Was Helpful!!

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