Saturday, December 28, 2013

Why Are You Grateful?

I received the message below in my inbox from Daily Gratitude and it reminded me that I have not been consistent with keeping a gratitude journal. I did it for a few days and then I stopped....but for 2014 I will make it an everyday practice. But not just listing what I'm grateful for each day, I will also include why I'm grateful for those things, as suggested below.

I just wanted to share that with you......2014 is indeed one of the best years of my life.....STAY TUNED!! :-)

"When I started counting my 
         blessings, my whole life 
         turned around."
                 Willie Nelson

In yesterday's message we learned that to bring
about the life we want, we need to think happy,
positive thoughts.

We also learned that the way we can figure out if
we're thinking positive thoughts is by paying
attention to how we feel.

So now, if we do that and realize that we're
actually thinking negatively most of the time, 
how do we change it?

I'm glad you asked! The answer comes to us
from famous singer and songwriter Willie 
Nelson, who has experienced the good and the
not-so-good of life.

His recommendation is doing a daily gratitude
list. Write down what you're grateful for, and 
why. The "why" is very important because it 
focuses you on the good that is coming to you
from that person, place or thing that you're
grateful for.

And don't just write, slow down and think about
your gratitudes and how your life is better as a
result of them.

This will start the process of training your mind 
to think of good, positive things. And if you 
make it a regular practice, you'll get better and
better at thinking positive thoughts.

Willie says it turned his whole life around. What
might it do for you?

All the best,


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