Monday, June 22, 2009

Acting Tips!!

So I was listening to a podcast today by Paul Russell (author of Acting Make It Your Business) and he gave some great tips that I haven't thought of!

1) Actors should always send their resume as a PDF file and not a word document so that the format of your resume does not change when viewed by the recipient.

2) On your website you should have a Reference Page. You can get references from all the people that you work with and add them to this page. As with any job, great references are always beneficial to getting you hired! *goes off to add reference page to website*

3) Every Actor needs a web presence! Paul said that if he googles the actor/actress and he doesn't see anything about him/her within the first 5 search results then he passes!

**I don't have anything to worry about, I google myself all the time and I'M EVERYWHERE!! But that's the way I wanted it!! :-D**

This tip was actually in his blog

4) Actors should always have their headshot & resume on them at all times so he suggests getting your photo and resume in a compact form that you can always carry around with business cards are good but they do not tell the agent, casting director, director, etc anything about you as an actor! So get a few of those postcards you have laying around and print your resume on them! To find out more about how to go about using this method please visit his blog post.

I have a lot of photo business cards....personal and professional....I would definitely have both on hand. You may be at a networking event and they may not want to carry something as big as a post card and prefer to have a business card. But if you're out on the street, just going about your day not expecting to meet anyone that can possibly get you work and BAM you run into someone...then hey, pass them that postcard with your resume on it and they have all your info right there to take with them!

Stay tuned...

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  1. Great tips...except the first one. When sending a PDF you're expecting the recipient to have Adobe Reader, what if they don't? Maybe they should send it in both formats?

    I agree w/ the web presence and biz cards. I have cards printed up w/ my commercial and theatrical headshots on them along with my contact info and websites.

    Thanks for sharing this Yogi!!!