Tuesday, June 30, 2009


So Monday I was blessed with the opportunity to work as an extra on Mariah Carey's video for her song Obsessed. I haven't heard the song yet but I can't wait to see the video since at one point Mariah is dressed up like a man! ha!

We filmed in front of the Plaza Hotel near Central Park....one block away from my old job actually...I was there for 12hours...well 11hours...but it was fun. The only problem that I had was we got there at 9am and didn't eat lunch til 4pm....that's the longest I've ever had to wait for lunch on set. They had told us it was going to be a walk-away lunch, so I thought I would be responsible for buying my own lunch but they ended up getting sandwiches for everyone from Subway. So I was happy about that.

What surprised me most of all was how the public was acting. There were crowds and crowds of people trying to get Mariah's photo. Some girl called a photographer from TMZ so he was out there along with other paparazzi so I'm sure her photo is going to be on TMZ website or something. Mariah was cool about it though. She actually stopped rehearsing a few times to pose for pics for them. There were people crowding around before Mariah even showed up on set...I'm sure half of them didn't even know who they were looking for but just saw a camera crew and a crowd of people and decided to be nosey. It was a little challenging trying to keep the public out of the shots and separate from the extras...they thought we were just regular people so some would come stand or sit beside us when we are about to film a shot and the crew would have to tell them to move! ha!

One guy got in the shot and tried to pretend that he was an extra. It was towards the end of the day thankful for him....he was trying to lie about who called him about the casting....the dude on the crew was like you know what...who cares...you can stay...this dude was visiting NY from France...so he didn't mind.....he was in two shots....of course he doesn't get paid like we do!

I see celebs in NY all the time...well not everyday but enough....especially when I was working at my last job because we were near Central Park and 5th Ave... near all the designer stores and nice hotels. I just don't get star struck to the point where I would stand for hours in the heat to get a picture of someone like these people did. (Ok if it was Morgan Freeman then I may) I think it's because I see them more as peers. I know that I will soon be running in the same circle as them, probably, so I view us as being on the same level. Shoot they should be trying to get my picture....ha!

All in all it was a good day, Mariah looks just as pretty in person as she does on TV, Nick wasn't around...well at least I didn't see him but I was hoping to, Mariah had the sickest shoes on for this shoot...and I also got to meetup with some girls that I worked on the set with a few weeks ago (Nancy Meyers Project) so that made it even more fun! I made a great connection with a filmmaker so that was a true bonus! He seems like a pretty cool dude so I hope to build a great relationship with him and possibly collaborate on a project or two.

Stay tuned...

Update: 7.24.09 So here is the video. If you look closely at the beginning you can see me in the brown shirt standing behind the velvet rope...cheesing! DON'T BLINK or you'll miss me! I'm also towards the end walking back and forth in the background...just look for the brown shirt! hehe!

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