Sunday, June 7, 2009


Ok so I've been going on a few auditions since I started pursuing this in January. I've only booked one job since I've started...and I didn't even audition for that role! GO FIGURE!!

I'm still excited and just hope that I do very is my first film role...I'm playing a single mom trying to take care of her son in these hard times with this recession and just weighing her options.

I've gone on auditions for films and for featured extra last audition was was for a film, the role was for a feisty, strong willed personality...I gave it my never know what the casting people are looking for so all you can do is give it your best and not hold on to the outcome!

I was talking to a girl yesterday that was auditioning for the same role and she was saying that she was really nervous....honestly I don't get nervous anymore. My very first audition I was nervous because I didn't know what to expect but now....I just look at them like job interviews.

I'm never nervous to go on job interviews 2007 and 2008 I went on SOOO MANY job interviews whether it was with employment agencies or actual companies....I got to the point where I just let go of the outcome....I gave a great performance when I was in there...and hoped for the best. If they called, great...if they didn''s still great....leaves the door open for a better opportunity!

Speaking of jobs, I am hoping to find something part time...for the rest of the summer....perferrably something at night, cash paying, so I can make more money in less hours...2-3 nights a I'm still looking out for that opportunity while submitting to castings everyday.

I have an audition Friday for a Christian Play so far it's my only one for the week hope to get more...or get some background work

I started shooting my first film role end of June! :-D

Stay Tuned...

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