Monday, June 15, 2009


Hello my creative people....

so I am finally getting on the postcard bandwagon...and I didn't want to pay a lot of money to get them printed....we have to spend our money wisely you know...

I searched around internet land and found a way to get 100 free photo postcards from vista print. I just googled "free photo postcards" and the link came up on I uploaded my headshot, put my contact info on there and that was it!

All you have to pay is $4.99 for uploading the image and whatever the shipping & handling fee is!

That's the cheapest route I've come across so far...I use vistaprint all the time so I trust that the quality will be on point!

Stay Tuned...

Here is what my current postcard looks like:

Update 7.27.09 Here is an example of what your postcard should look like according to a poster on Backstage Message Board:
It's suggested that you do not put any info on the bottom of the postcard because the Post Office put the little bar code at the bottom...well of course I find out this info AFTER I got my postcards printed with my info on the bottom! ha! So I took my postcard down to the Post Office to see exactly where they put the bar code and it's placed on the back of the postcard right below the address of the person you are sending it to. So I'M GOOD!! :-)

One person mentioned that they do their postcards just like the gentleman above however they put a Avery label (size
2"X2 5/8") underneath their contact info so they can put their message there. I choose to put my contact info and photo on the front side and the message on the back side. Do whatever makes you happy!

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    If you go there and sign up (FREE!) you get 6% cash back on your purchase... AND
    If you go to you can get coupons for vistaprint too.

    I'm glad to see you're a bargainhunter like me too