Thursday, June 18, 2009

Improv For Commercials with Barry Shapiro!


So I didn't sleep that well last night toss and turned, didn't want to get up this morning for my all day workshop at Actors Connection with Barry Shapiro form Herman & Lipson Casting because it was raining and as soon at my alarm clock went off at 7:30am I was suddenly SO TIRED!!

Anyhoo, I got my little butt up and headed to the city. I get there 15min early which I was surprised because I left my house 15 min later than I wanted to...

So the class is Improv for Commercials it was from 10am to 5p...we ended closer to 6p because we had a Q&A at the end of class.

There were 18 of us in the class...we first started off with games that I really want to play with my friends the next time we have a house gathering like we do on a monthly basis. The first game was sort of like charades, we were in teams of fours; one person from the team goes up and pick a piece of paper with a 3 word phrase on it such as Buy A Boat and that person without using words, must get his team to guess what the phrase it BUT they must say the phrase EXACTLY the way its written and we were timed.

The second part of the game was we pick a phrase and then only using ONE word our team has to guess what the phrase is...this part was to really see how good our memory was because every phrase that was chosen for part two was used in part one! It was so fun!!

We did a few more improv situations, 2 person copy, one person copy, and finally a group scene were we had to he showed us the proper way to eat on camera!

I learned a lot and actually did better than I thought I would do. Improv is not my strongest aspect but I did very well.

This was a helpful improv class because it was specifically for commercials...but I do plan to get into an Improv For Actors class at some point!

Stay Tuned...

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