Monday, June 8, 2009

Acting: Is really about LUCK?!!

in this business we tend to think it all about LUCK!

Well I believe in God so I really don't believe in luck....even though you will here me say "Good Luck" or "I have bad luck when it comes to such and such"...just figures of speech.

I know there are a lot of people who do not believe in GOD...I've met the most since moving to NY and I don't judge them, and I would still be their friend. Anyhoo, I was at the audition Saturday and everyone was like "Good Luck Ladies" and I was saying, Good Luck, but I really wanted to say GOD BLESS! But I don't don't know their beliefs so I just said Good Luck!

honestly as I grow and mature I realize there is no such thing as good luck and bad luck....its all about perception.

Everything happens for a reason and all things are blessings whether they are perceived to be bad or good is up to the person experiencing those things.

For instance, I got my apt in 2007 and that put a financial strain on me but I had been praying for my own 1 bedroom I was blessed with it. So I was still working at a very low paying job and I was wondering how can I afford this apt on this salary I need a new job. I spent 1.5 years searching high and low, interview after interview, employment agency after employment agency, using up all my sick and vacay time at my job to go and meet with these people and what happened? I get laid off this year!

So someone may look at that and say that's bad luck, here I am getting an apt that I can't really afford and instead of being blessed with a better paying job I get laid off and now bringing in even less money that I was when I was working!

But I see it as being a blessing in disguise. Not only am I still able to pay my rent but I'm also able to pursue my acting career full-time. Putting all my thoughts and energy into it which is something that I couldn't do when I was working my 9-5p full-time. So I'm grateful!

I said all that to say, if you ask for it and believe in your heart that you will receive it, then its yours! BUT it may not come on YOUR TIMING! That's the key thing to remember, your timing is not God's timing and so things may be happening slow for you but going at the right pace for HIM. When I look back over the last 5 years of my life I see how every event that happened led me to where I am today and I am in a very great place in my life...may not look that way from the outside looking in and I'm definitely not where I want to be but I'm not in a bad place at all.

I do believe it is about who you I always pray Lord help me to be at the right place at the right time engaged in the right activity speaking with the right people to make these great things take place in my life...

You have to be ready, willing, and able to take on the opportunities when they present themselves because you never know when that opportunity will come again.

Also I always remind myself "A Delay Is Not A Denial"....

Stay Blessed people and continue to believe!

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