Thursday, July 16, 2009

Acting Websites: FREE HOSTING!!

Got your own personal website yet? Well don't let money be the reason you don't. I have my free personal website through and my domain name is hosted by 1&1.

Well I was getting ready to build another site (for a different reason outside of acting) and I was trying to use but kept getting an error message (I contacted them about that this morning, don't know if its their server or my computer) so that led me on a search for another site that offers the same thing as (My acting site through is working great, just trying to create this new site I ran into problems) *update: just got word for that there was a glitch in their system and the problem should be fixed now*

I found Weebly!! is a site that you can use to build your own site for free! And it host your domain name for free meaning: (From you can publish to your own domain name (ie. instead of and we’ll still host your website for free.
Which is great for me since I just purchased my domain name for my new site last night through 1&1. Great thing about 1&1 its cheap! For the first year it only cost me $6.99 and the next year it will go up to $8.99.

Which is so much better than Yahoo...which for the first year to host your domain name its $9.95 and the next year it goes up to $39.95! Can we all say RIDICULOUS!!

So here's just another tip to get your quality website for free without knowing how to do HTML!

So look at both sites and compare the two! and

Stay tuned....

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