Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Live With An Attitude Of Faith

Live with an attitude of faith & EXPECTANCY!!

I subscibe to www.dailygratitude.com with Wes Hopper and they send you emails every so often and I also get the daily word with Joel Osteen. Here is something that I received in my email today from Daily Gratitude that actually ties into a message I received weeks ago from Joel Osteen:

"Real faith is expectancy. You do not
receive what you want, you do not receive
what you pray for, you do not receive what
you say you have faith in. You will always
receive what you actually expect!"
Eric Butterworth

There's two kinds of faith, I've noticed. The
most common use of the word is to
describe something we want to believe in
but have no logical reason to expect.

That kind of faith is just wishful thinking and
has no real power at all.

When we drop something, we don't say we
have faith it's going to fall, we expect it to.

Why? Because we know the law of gravity.

Everything in life is subject to natural laws,
so if we take the trouble to learn them, then
we can expect things, instead of wishing.

The law of gratitude says that the real
power of gratitude is to be grateful in
advance! So instead of wishing or begging,
let's be clear about what we want, grateful in
advance and actually expect what we desire.

What a concept, eh?

When you mail order something, you don't
have to conjure up "faith" to look for it in
the mailbox. You expect it.

Try that on everything, and expect miracles!


And it just so happen I'm taking a free seminar tomorrow at the Actor's Connection at noon that I mentioned in an earlier post:

The Law of Attraction - How To Attract More Creative Success, led by professional actor Tyrone Jackson (a.k.a. The Wealthy Artist)

12:00 pm - If you've seen or read "The Secret" then you know what the THE SECRET is. It's The Law of Attraction. The Law says that you attract into your life whatever you think about and your dominant thoughts will find a way to manifest. At this FREE seminar, you'll learn what it takes to become a successful performer and that attracting abundance in show biz requires more than just positive thinking. With a panel of actors from the world of TV, Broadway and commercials, they'll share how they've used the Law of Attraction to create professional success. By attending you'll learn how to: Instantly change your thinking to attract success; Create specific actions that will manifest your desires; Start creating financial abundance; Create a realistic vision for your acting career; How to network with prosperous creative types 24/7 and much more.

So my people expect great things and be grateful in advance! I thank God every day and night for things I have yet to receive but I thank him for them "as if" I already have them!

Stay blessed and stay tuned!

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