Sunday, July 26, 2009


Hi My lovely people!

This is my list of websites that I think are beneficial for actors and others in the industry to use for business purposes whether its for marketing, networking or for finding work. They are not listed in any particular order.
Before I list them I must mention that I think it is important to keep separate accounts on some of the social networking sites. My reason being: you don't want that casting director seeing any pictures of you drunk partying with your friends or seeing any status updates that are not appropriate for anyone to know that don't know you personally! :-D I have two profiles on Myspace, two on Facebook, and two YouTube video channels; one is personal and one is professional.
My personal YouTube video channel is for videos I may make that are not acting related or for subscriptions to other people's channels that are not industry related. My personal Facebook and Myspace profiles are for my friends, family, and people that I have actually met in person to share things with.

On all networking sites please use your professional name you use for acting when you customize your url.

  1. Myspace I have connected with other actors as well as acting groups on Myspace. Some casting agencies also have Myspace pages where they send out bulletins or may even post info about castings on their Myspace blogs. My Myspace
  2. Facebook I still have to find out what is the best way to market yourself on Facebook to decision makers in the industry as well as finding people to collaborate on projects. There are some acting groups you can join, you can import your blog to post on your facebook profile page and you can become fans of your favorite people, places or things as well as Backstage and Actor's Access. My Facebook
  3. Nextcat For those that have never heard of Nextcat it is another social networking site for those in the entertainment industry. You make connections with others from anywhere. You can find jobs, post videos, photos, chat in the forums, etc. My Nextcat
  4. YouTube Make sure you choose your user name carefully because this becomes your url name. This is a great place to host your videos and share with everyone easily. You can also make friends and subscribe to other people's video channels. My YouTube
  5. Twitter This is a great place to keep people updated on what you are doing. I only use this for professional use. Any status updates I make are related to my career. I am following a few celebs on here and I have a few followers. You can have followers but you don't have to follow them back. My Twitter
  6. Plaxo This is a site that you can use to connect with others as well as stay organized with industry contacts, friends' birthdays, important dates, etc. If you have a blog you can link your blog to your Plaxo account and your blog posts will show on your profile. My Plaxo
  7. Nycastings This site is great for casting notices and resources for actors. There is a fee to submit to casting notices but it's definitely worth the price. You have the option to pay $9.95/mo, $26.85 quarterly, or $90.00 annually
  8. Actors Access This site is great for casting notices, getting valuable information in the forums, and sharing your resume with industry people. There is a fee to submit to castings. You can pay $2.00 per submission or $68 annual fee.
  9. Mandy This is a free site for finding jobs as well as casting notices. You create a profile with your headshot, resume and cover letter and you can submit to castings. This is the site I used that got me my first film role! YAY!!
  10. Casting Networks This is also a great site for castings especially background work. There is a fee. You pay $5.00/mo for unlimited submissions or $0.99 per submission.
There may be a few other sites out there that are worth mentioning but these are the sites that I use on a regular basis!

Stay tuned!

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