Saturday, July 18, 2009

What's up with Yolanda Allen?

Ok so where did I leave off the last time?

The open call....was a bust! It was from 1p-5p, I got there at 4p, they had so many people there that they couldn't see anyone else! They said that you could leave your headshot and if they are interested they would call you that night. I didn't get a call.

Tuesday I went to an interview for the dating show The Bachelorette by Hung Jury. They interviewed us and said that they were going to pick 5 girls and 20 guys out of the bunch that they interviewed that day. From that bunch they will pick 2 girls and 10 guys then they will narrow it down to the finalists for the show, 1 girl and 2 guys. I haven't heard anything as of yet.

This is the 2nd dating show I have submitted for. The first one was a few weeks ago called the 12 dollar challenge. I haven't had an interview or anything for this one. I think they both start shooting in don't know what to think about that!

Anyhoo, got a call on Wednesday to meet with assistant casting director Emily Schriber for As The World Turns. I had a general interview with her on Thursday. I was so shocked to get that call. I had mailed them my headshot back in May. First time someone has called me from a headshot submission via mail. So they do look at their mail people!! ha! I read over some sides for her, she asked me some questions about myself and asked if I've ever been on a daytime tv show. I haven't so she asked if I would be interested in background work. I told her of course! Who knows, doing background work for a soap, build a strong working relationship with the casting directors, and voila! You got a chance to audition for an Under 5 role!

Baby steps people!

Got another call on Wednesday, well a voicemail (I turn my phone off when I sleep) for a student project that I submitted for this week, the lady didn't leave her number and she said that she would call back later. She didn't call back so I found her email and emailed her saying "I got your phone call you didn't leave a number but I wanted to reach out to let you know that I am interested." No word back from her.

Friday I got a voicemail (I was on the train, no signal) from a girl about a project she said I submitted for. I keep track of all my submissions and I couldn't find anything with that title, so I don't know if it was one of those craigslist ads that I may have submitted to and they didn't put the title of the project. Well she wants me to come to an audition on the 25th. She's suppose to send me an email with all the details. I couldn't really understand her because her cell was breaking up. But I did notice that the number she called from was on my caller id on my cell. I can tell how many times I get a call from a certain number. I got a call from this number 4 times but they never left a message. So from the 8th to the 16th, she's called but she didn't leave a voicemail until the 16th. What's up with that?

Anyhoo, so much was going on at the same time this weekend! Friday I get a last minute call about a short film that I submitted to this week. The dude left a voicemail saying if I was interested to call him because they were having a table read that evening! I called him back and he didn't answer. So I left a message for him saying I was interested in finding out the details...didn't hear back from him.

I was invited to audition for another role in a student project. It was scheduled for today but I couldn't go because I had a doctor's appointment I couldn't reschedule and I had an appointment at 1pm to meet with the commercial agents through The Network's Mini-Commercial Fest. Her latest appointment time was for 1:30p, so I had to pass!

The mini-commercial fest was good! I got to meet 3 agents for one low price of $69!! You have 5 minutes to meet with each agent, do your commercial copy and sit down to chat with them! Today I met Marla Haut from Innovative Artists (this was my 2nd time meeting her actually, I met her after my commercial class with David Cady, she was our guest commercial agent), Tracey Goldblum from Abrams Artist and Doug Keston from Paradigm. They were all very nice and I plan to follow-up with them via postcards so I can keep my face in their face! ha!

So I've had an interesting week!

Stay tuned...

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