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I went to a free marketing seminar maybe a month ago that was hosted by Gwyn Gilliss, CEO/Founder of The Actor's Market (aka TAM) and I signed up for her newsletter. Well July is find your market month! Depending on what media you want to work in you should live in LA or NY (now you can get work in other areas and be successful but we all know that these are the two main cities that people think of when it comes to acting. I guess they are considered the Big Leagues! (There's a book by Andrew Reilly "An Actor's Business: How to Market Yourself As An Actor No Matter Where You Live". So that would be a good read for anyone outside of NY or LA)

Anyhoo, I know that I want to do Film/TV mostly so I know that I need to be in LA because they have the most Film/TV work. Even though NY has some TV shows based here and some movies are made here, Broadway is NEW YORK! So theater actors that want to be big time should be here!

In the newsletter today (Gwyn sends out a marketing tip every Monday) there were questions about what media will you work in the most. There are four medias: Daytime/Primetime TV, Musical Theater, Theater, and Film. There was a neat quiz that I wanted to share. I don't have that much experience (I'm only 7 months into the game) but I know what I want my career to look like and what media I want to be working in the most, which is Film. Although I could definitely see myself being on a successful TV show. However, based on my current experience my score came out to say that I should definitely pursue work in Film.

**There was more in the newsletter you can visit the site and sign up for her newsletter she offers some great tips and if you're in the New York area she offers free seminars sometimes which are very informative about marketing yourself as an actor!**

Here is the Quiz:

To find out in which media you will be most successful, assess your training,
your greatest interest, your experience, where you feel you are most talented
AND your physical attributes, complete this simple exercise:

M -2 F-1
Age range:
16-21 5
22-26 4
27-32 3
33-42 2
43-50 1
50-90 4

Physical attributes:
Tall 5
Average/short 4

Physical attributes:
Slender/in shape 5
Average 4
Overweight 3
medium 5
dark 4
fair 3
white/gray 2
bald 1

Strongest talent:
Musical Theatre 1 Theatre 2 TV 3 Film 4

What do you love to do the most?
Musical Theatre 1 Theatre 2 TV 3 Film 4

In what area is your most experience?
Musical Theatre 1 Theatre 2 TV 3 Film 4

What is your #1 goal - to work in which media for the next 5-10 years?
Musical Theatre 1 Theatre 2 TV 3 Film 4

In what media did you work last?
Musical Theatre 1 Theatre 2 TV 3 Film 4

TOTAL POINTS _____________

Add up your TOTAL points. Which best fits your score?
Are you:
GROUP I 15-27
GROUP 2 28-36
GROUP 3 37-42

GROUP I actors are best suited to pursue Theatre and Musical theatre.
GROUP 2 are probably going to work a lot more in Primetime TV.
GROUP 3 should definitely pursue Film work.

What does all this mean in terms of WHERE YOU SHOULD BE?
If you are in Group 1- You should be in NY- for Broadway Musicals, Theatre work
and CASTING for all the major rep companies, summer stock, tours and musical
tours for jobs outside NY.

If you are in Group 2- you could be in NY or LA but there are thousands more
roles for Primetime TV in LA -(about 115 shows - give or take) compared to
NY. (15 shows)

If you are Group 3- no doubt about it, LA should be your home.

These are generalities and the quiz is based on the 5 points mentioned earlier so
you could fall outside the norm...take it a with a grain of salt. But, it might be
helpful in deciding where you should be and how best to advance your career.

Stay tuned and Many Blessings To You All!!

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