Monday, November 22, 2010

A Crazy Monday Morning!!!

Just wanted to share my weird I'm walking down the street on my way to the train....I keep my eyes glued to the sidewalk because even though I live in an area with a lot of "pet owners" you would think that there are a lot of stray dogs running around by all the poop that covers the sidewalk.

So pretty much everyday I'm playing hopscotch down the freaking sidewalk to avoid stepping in poop! Okay...back to the when I finally look up I see .... two dead deers on the top of this car!! It scared the blank out of me!! Totally unexpected! I hate seeing dead animals...yuck!

So after I get over that shock....I noticed a little lady and a young boy (teenager) trying to catch the bus....but the bus is pulling off...why the dude jumps on the back of the bus and rides it down the street! He just hanging on chilling like...hey this is normal!

So I'm thinking okay he's going to ride it down to the next bus stop...but when he gets to the next bus stop he's just hanging on to the bus....I'm like why's he still on there then he jumps off but I went into the store so I don't know what happened after that!

Either he was feeling mighty adventurous this morning or he just didn't have bus fare!



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