Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Obama Is Not Dr. Miracle!!

Quote that I saw in the paper today:

"no wonder America ranks low in academic achievement in the most developed nation in the world. when it comes to economics, Americans haven't a clue. it took more than a decade to tank the U.S. economy--and the average American thinks it all can be turned around and righted in two years?"-Veronica Hodges

I totally agree with Veronica! And sometimes I just feel sorry for Obama. He comes into office when this country is doing a nose dive to hell, everyone expecting him to change the world over night....he's carrying a lot of weight! And they are not making it easy for him.

I just hope everything turns around for the best for America! I just have to keep my eyes on God and know that no matter my surroundings and circumstances He will forever have my back!!

May God be with Obama and his Family as he take on this incredible task of trying to bring American back on its feet and making change in a world that definitely needs it but to damn afraid to accept it!! Unless its on their terms of course, just like Mayor Bloomberg, before he became Mayor he was so pro-term limits now on his 3rd term all of sudden, he wants to put a term limit in place...yea well you weren't talking about that when yo azz was running for your 3rd tern now were you!!

Man Please......I'm done!!


  1. Thank you so much for this article sweetie...Thank YOU!!!
    God Bless Obama and his family. Just shows how the human mind works...They lift you up to wish you fall!


  2. Sad but true!!! Thanks for reading!! :-)

  3. Hello my friend thank you for the comment on my recent posting of WHen you Pray concerning the Lord's Prayer...God bless you