Friday, November 5, 2010

Single Ladies....You Need A Roster!!

If you don't know....I'm single. I've been single for awhile well not a long while just maybe a little over a year....but I haven't really been going out of my way to find anyone. I had mentioned to my friend & fellow blogger, Amber, that I needed to go on a "cutie run" (got that phrase from one of her co-workers that was featured on the Salt & Pepper show) because I needed to update my roster.

Why a few days later I'm looking at some videos on YouTube and the chick was talking about dating and she mentioned that single women (and men) should have a roster. I was like, wait a minute I was just talking about that with one of my friends! ha!

So she was basically just saying, which I agree with totally, that single ladies need a roster. A roster is just a number of guys that you date without really being totally focused on just one guy. Its basically dating more like a dude, and not putting all your eggs in one basket until you find that special guy. Being single for someone women is just torture because they don't allow themselves to enjoy "singlehood". Singlehood is great because you get to meet a lot of different people, whether you want to be in a relationship or not is not important, you get to do a lot of interesting things with cool people and perhaps learn a thing or two about yourself and/or something from that person.

The roster is basically a way to get through your single life much easier. Its a way to remain social and take your mind off of "being single and looking". The men on your roster are  not necessarily the guys you want to marry, be in a long term relationship with or your ideal guy...they are men that you are getting to know, spending time with, and building friendships with. 

Now men should pursue women bottom line, but that doesn't mean that women shouldn't initiate contact. You have to let the man know that you are interested so that he has the Green Light to pursue!

Now dating with a roster is fun, it's a learning experience, its a way to find out exactly what you are looking for in a mate, and its a way to keep yourself and your mind preoccupied til your TRUE MATE comes along. Your true mate just might be on your roster! There are rules to this roster intimacy at all! That way everyone is on an even playing field and you keep yourself safe from hurt and disappointment. If your true mate comes along and proves to you that he is worthy of being call your man (ladies you have to know your worth) then you can move things to the next level with him.

Watch this video from anaturalbeauty3 and she will explain to you in more detail about the roster!

Happy Dating Ladies!!!


  1. That means your girlfriend must work with A Belle From Brooklyn (Demetria Lucas)! She has a great blog and her Twitter is on fiya! She had a huge following. I'm always reading ladies asking her about the Cutie Run.. I'm married but want to try it my damn self to see if it works! My single girlfriends are too scared!!! LOL

  2. Yea she does work with her!! I didn't know she had a blog.....I'll have to check that out!! Thanks for sharing!! I'm planning to go on a few cutie runs this spring/summer! ha!