Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Journey To A Healthier Me, Part 2

In my last post I spoke about taking care of myself better inside and out. By exercising and eating healthy is a good start. But there are three components to being healthy: you need a healthy mind, body, and soul. 

So this post I will focus on my mind and soul. Get healthy emotionally and spiritually is very important in having a healthy lifestyle. 

I have to keep my mind positive and keep speaking life into my situations as well as over other people’s situation. I have to laugh more, spend time with my friends more who always keep me in a good mood when we’re together, and to stay focused on God’s word and his goodness. Surround myself with positive things & people. If they are not about nothing then I don’t need them in my life because I’m about SOMETHING!! I’ve also started back reading just to escape the mundane and to keep my mind entertained. I love watching movies for that very same reason.

I think that my emotional well being is very much tied into my spiritually well being. I am a very sensitive and emotional person so keeping my mind on the positive things in life and on God will continue to help me stay grounded emotionally. Writing in my gratitude journal daily to remind myself of the blessings I’ve received and am receiving. Deciding to always do what’s best for me and my well-being meaning not getting involved in relationships and/or situations that are draining or destructive and that applies to all types of relationships (lovers, friends, family, colleagues etc)! You have to know your worth and not tolerate the things and/or people that rob you emotionally. It’s devastating and unhealthy!

So let’s turn this around and begin our journey to a more “Healthy You”!!!

Stay Blessed and Stay Healthy!

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