Thursday, November 11, 2010

One Of The Top Ways To Burn Calories: Walking Vigorously

Walking vigorously Burns 170 calories in 30 minutes

I was reading an article about the 7 best fat blasters and walking vigorously was # 7...and I thought to myself...."Self, you are onto a great start with this walking program!!"

Btw I was suppose to start exercising last night....but I didn't....Saturday I will for sure!! :-D 

I also love the jump roping idea...I used to do this 10 minute jump rope routine a few times a week. I built up my calf muscles for sure! You don't even need a jump rope to can just do the motions as if you had a rope and still get the same benefits without having to worry about tripping over the rope! Here's the video!!



  1. In a weight loss program, a split routine is an efficient way to burn calories. Gradual increase with the harder workout at a fairly slow pace and vice versa.

  2. Thanks Stratzol for your comment!!! I'm not necessarily trying to lose weight just tone up...but I do like these walking programs because not only is it good for your heart but its an easy workout to do for those of us..well for me...who do not like to work out! ha!!