Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Inexpensive Facial Blotters!!

Hi Everyone!

Do you have extra oily skin like I do?

Then you probably use facial oil blotters just like I do!

Well I was using the oil blotters from Mary Kay....I just put in another order because I'm down to my last few but for whatever reason the lady that sells Mary Kay has not contacted me in regards to my order...and it's been like a week or more.

So I went online to find a cheap alternative to the Mary Kay oil blotters which are $5 for 75 papers.

And I came across the idea of using end wraps instead!

Yes....Yes...end wraps that you normally use for roller sets! And lucky for me I have a whole box laying around. You can get a box with 1000 papers for $1 at your beauty supply store, maybe even your local dollar store!

Stay Tuned for other great thrifty ideas!!

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