Monday, April 1, 2013


Hey Everyone,

okay....this post may be long! ha!

A LOT has been going on in Yogi's World the past few months....a lot of changes. First off, 2012 was a challenging year for me...major changes personally that had a serious effect on me spiritually.

I was in a very dramatic situation with a guy that I had to remove myself from...I cannot, do not, will not tolerate any negative energy that keeps me from being the kind and loving person that I am. I don't like arguing and been upset all the time. So that's over!

I moved from my apartment in Feb. 2012, after living on my own for 5 years. With my current job, I don't make enough to do what I want to do financially as far as: living on my own (NY is expensive if you want to live in a decent area), save my target goal every month, have an active social life with my family and friends, and do something that I've been wanting to do for 9!! So I decided to move into a roommate situation. Long story short, I ended up in a less than ideal situation....I can't tell you how many times I cried missing my old apartment and disliking my new roommates. I started looking for a new place to stay last June, every where I went was not to my liking and it was extremely frustrating to say the least. I was getting upset and angry about the situation because this was the first time that I had wanted to move and had not been able to find a place in two weeks or less. 

It really tested my faith. I eventually decided to just stay put until May of this year, and start the process of looking for a place again. Well the Lord had another plan, long story short :-) a few hours after I said that...I get word about an apartment for a Jan. move in date!! SO I moved mid-Jan into an apartment with my friend and I absolutely love the place!! Finally, I'm living in peace again hoping to stay put for a few years!! 

Moral of the story, your delay is not a denial. If God has pulled you through before, then rest assured he will do it again, just may not be on your schedule but IT WILL ALWAYS BE ON TIME!! He's perfect like that! :-)

So...another thing (as if this post wasn't long enough) I've always been a writer, I started writing poetry at age 14, I now have two e-books published with my poetry: Blues of A Sister and Life's Journey.  I plan to complete a third one by the end of 2014. With that said, I decided in 2011 that I wanted to make a living as a writer, I started researching ways to do that, I spent a lot of money in the process. Nothing that I read really touched me sort of speak with a strong sense that "hey yea I can do that". It was all about non-fiction methods to make money. Then one day, I came across this one program called Kindling by Geoff Shaw while reading Tiffany Dow's blog. Geoff was the only internet marketer that really pushed going the fiction route as a means to make money as a writer.

Long story short, (I know I keep saying that ha!) I decided I'll try my hand at writing fiction stories. I knew I was great at writing poetry, and I had written a short story before, but it was about 2 pages long lol! It has been a dream of mine and I am more than proud to say that I am pursuing that dream!! I started on my journey as a self-published author a few months ago, but living with those roommates really knocked all the motivation and determination, and drive out of me. I wasn't the same person I was when I was living on my own. The energy in that apartment was draining. A time when you should pray even harder...which used to be a challenge for me but I've managed to overcome that. 

In spite of my circumstances I published two romance novellas on Amazon and Barnes & Noble, under a pen name. To get my feet wet and well...truthfully, I published under a pen name out of fear that if I did fail then at least I wouldn't have my real name tied to it... lol (don't do that by the way...i.e. go into any endeavor with the anticipation of failing...I'm still learning :-))

All in all, I'm sooooo freaking proud of myself! I took a step towards my goals and my dreams. With those two stories I learned things about my writing that I need to work on which was minor. I am going to publish in the New Adult category mainly in the Romance genre, but I do have ideas for paranormal, urban fantasy, and women's fiction/chick lit. We'll see where my mind (and characters) take me. 

One goal of mine is to really get disciplined in writing daily while working a full-time job! Challenging but I'll do it!! I'm so excited that I am finally doing something that I enjoy and that I feel and believe can make a great future for me!!

I have not given up on my dream of acting, but I have decided that I would prefer a web-series since that was an idea of mine back in 2009. I just never had the means to put the web-series together but I won't give up on that either!

I said ALL of this to say: Keep believing in your dreams and fight for them no matter your circumstances!

Stay Blessed...stay tuned!!



  1. Wow, you've been through a lot but you have come through beautifully. Best of all, you are living your dream. It's a testament to your strength and faith. All the best for continued success! x

  2. Thanks Adriene!!! All the best to you too hun!