Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Whole30 Challenge

Not happy with this Whole30 thing. I started it last week. I had minor slip ups due to lack of preparation. But I'm ALREADY losing weight. I can't lose weight so not sure how I'm going to handle this situation.

I've been slim my whole life and over the past few years I've been thickening up and carrying it very well I might add LOL but getting smaller is not my goal.

I don't eat a lot as it is so increasing my food intake won't be easy since one I already hate cooking and two I work outside my home so I'm not lugging around tons of food to the office. 

I don't eat nuts right now. Although I have to admit I did break down and had a bag of cashews because I was so freaking hungry! I'm sure my face will pay for that moment of weakness later....lol

Anyhoo....in order to keep my weight up I may have to add potatoes back into my diet especially since I can't have sugar so I won't be doing the Whole30 100%....I just can't afford to weight wise.

Most of these "diets" or healthy eating habits that restrict a lot of foods are very beneficial for those with extreme health issues or that want to lose weight....thank God I don't fall into either one of those categories.

I do think I break out due to a high sugar intake. I wasn't really consuming dairy unless I was eating sweets. And I wasn't consuming grains unless I was eating white rice from takeout or restaurants which wasn't often or when I was eating corn which I love so I ate it a lot.

Processed foods was a major issue i.e. condiments I'm a ketchup girl...love the stuff and my store bought salad dressings with the soybean oil and artificial ingredients.........condiments I can work around. So I'm not really hurting by giving those up. It was just the potatoes and sweets!

My coworker looked at me today and told me I've lost weight. I don't look like I've lost weight in my face, to me....but I'm sure that I have since I haven't been eating much and I lose weight extremely easy.

So I'm revamping my whole plan with the Whole30 and putting potatoes back into my diet. Lord I beg you, please please please don't let me have an issue with potatoes!!! Geez!!!! :-D

A work in progress...........

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