Tuesday, April 23, 2013

National Poetry Month Challenge: The Invitation

Hey Peeps!! Happy Tuesday!!
Poem 23!

Stay Blessed.....Stay Tuned!

The Invitation

Would you think I’m crazy to want to know you beyond the flesh?
I want to get to know you from the inside
I want to know what makes you think the thoughts you think
Can I get to know you, the you, one often tries to hide?
Let’s get passed the impressions
And start off as being friends
Forget the materials you got
Let me know what you possess within
Let me get to know your inner being
Get so close our two hearts become a single
I want to feel your deepest feelings
Make your body shiver in places you never thought could tingle
And this is just from conversation alone
I want to understand the feelings in your heart just by speaking
Explore your desires, pleasures, and needs
I want to explore your being, very passionately
Let me caress your heart with my friendly words
I know you want this, your eyes don’t deny it
I want to get to know your intimate side
So…Am I Invited?

Copyright © 2012 by Yolanda Allen. All rights reserved worldwide. Poem from book Life's Journey

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