Wednesday, April 24, 2013

National Poetry Month Challenge: Once In My Life

Hey Peeps!

Poem 24!! Enjoy!!

Stay Blessed...Stay Tuned!

Once In My Life

Once in my life I was afraid
You could not say anything worth believing
My ears were open, my eyes close
All things said I thought to be deceiving
My heart was crushed once
At that moment I became cold
I started living my life very cautiously
Fearing to feel and my fear grew bold
I wanted to be with many souls
I needed to have back up plans
I desired to experience it all
I was your “woman” but I had no “man”
I wanted the cares and attention
But hurt had me afraid from the start
I was crushed early in my life
Which placed a deep bruise on my heart
As I grew my way of thinking started to change
My eyes opened and I began to see
That being afraid hurt me more than taking chances
So I judge each one as individuals and enter each openly
There may be many souls to break my heart
But I allow every break to strengthen me
Because you’ll need my whole heart
To bond with my soul completely

Copyright © 2012 by Yolanda Allen. All rights reserved worldwide. Poem from book Life's Journey

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