Thursday, April 18, 2013

National Poetry Month Challenge: The Breakfast

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Poem #18!! Check it out! :-D

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The Breakfast…Part 4

I noticed her as soon as we made our entrance
I watched her eyes following us to our seat
I saw him take a glance
And my heart rapidly started to beat
Did she know I was his wife?
Didn’t she know it’s our one year anniversary?
How can he ruin an important day of my life?
How can he break the vows he made to me?
Before the food even came
I put my ring in his hand
“I know about your love, whatever her name”
“I saw you at the beach having sex in the sand”
He stared at me, eyes filled with shock
He couldn’t find the words to speak
I didn’t need to hear any excuse
So I just rose to my feet
I walked over to her at last
With a smile, I extended out my hand
“I hope you enjoy your breakfast,”
“As much as you enjoyed my man”

Copyright © 2012 by Yolanda Allen. All rights reserved worldwide. Poem from book Life's Journey

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