Monday, April 1, 2013

National Poetry Month Challenge!

Hey Peeps!!

SO a fellow poet, A.D. Joyce, does a challenge every year for Poetry Month were she posts a poem everyday. I decided to join in the fun!

I will post a poem everyday for the month of April! The theme is Love/Romance and all the good/bad/different things involved in it! This will tie into the romance novella that I'll be publishing sometime this month as well!!

SO to kickstart things, here is the first poem:


As I listen to the romantic melody, I imagine that you are here
You pull me real close to you while the tip of your tongue caress my ear
When I sink into the water, it just rushes over me
I imagine your hands massaging my thighs as a warm feeling runs through my body
As I watch romance on the T.V. screen, I imagine you standing close, breathing on my neck
Both my legs start to tremble as my body begins to sweat
As the shower water rains down on me, I imagine you coming up from behind
Placing sweet kisses all over my back as I smile, I realize it’s only my mind
These images express my unspoken desires like most dreams these are only fantasies
I’ll let my imagination keep me entertained until any one, if not all, becomes reality

Copyright © 2012 by Yolanda Allen. All rights reserved worldwide. Poem from book Life's Journey

Stay Tuned.....Stay Blessed.


  1. Thanks for the shoutout and good luck with the challenge. "Imagination" is a nice, sensual write. Well done!