Monday, April 29, 2013

What's Your Ideal Lifestyle?!

Other than living in perfect health with my family and close friends by my ULTIMATE goals in life boil down to these top 3:

1) Financial Freedom! Money is never an issue!

2) Travel the world whenever and wherever without any financial or time restraints!

3) Never wake up to an alarm clock unless it's for important meetings or to catch my flight!

It's not impossible because I know people, not personally, that had the same exact three goals and they have accomplished all three!

I'm just waiting on my day!

The key to reaching these goals..........................I'll report back on that one once I have reached them ha!

But I can tell you that I plan to embrace the process, embrace the small beginnings, perfect my gift, and FULLY COMMIT to making it happen! I have to give 120% and make the right decisions, smart decisions, and whatever sacrifices are necessary because I refuse to live in mediocrity when I know I was born for GREATNESS!!

Stay Encouraged

Stay Blessed.....Stay Tuned!

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